About Us

Remit of the Network

The Network focuses on domestic violence using the Tusla Child & Family Agency definition “domestic and / sexual violence is the threat or use of physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse in close adult relationships”.


The Network is open to representation from any agency, organisation or representative group who work with and support those affected by domestic abuse.  Membership is representative i.e. members should be representing their agency / organisation on the Network and they should be able to make decisions on behalf of their agency or organisation.  In cases where there is no organised representation or no structure for same, representation can be informal (unstructured).

Membership of the Network is reviewed annually.  The following organisations / agencies / communities of interest are currently (September 2015) represented on the Network.

  • Access 2000
  • Citizens Information Centre
  • FDYS (Ferns Diocesan Youth Service)
  • Gardai
  • Gorey Family Resource Centre
  • MEND (Men Ending Domestic Abuse)
  • Polish community representative
  • Tusla Child & Family Agency
  • Taghmon Family Resource Centre
  • Wexford Adult Mental Health Service
  • Wexford Borough Council
  • Wexford County Council
  • Wexford Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Service
  • Wexford Traveller Community Health Programme
  • Wexford Women’s Refuge

How The Network Operates

There is a co-ordinator for the Network who organises four Network meetings per year.  Network meetings are rotated throughout the county with member organisations taking turns to host meetings.  Three working groups have been established to conduct the work priorities that have been identified for the year.

Work Priorities

Wexford Support Network has identified three key areas of work for 2014;

  1. To share information / work collectively
  2. To promote education
  3. Policy work